Want to up your Clojure game this Winter?

This February, join us for two full days of workshops, talks and hacking geared at you, the practicing Clojurist.


February 9 & 10, 2017


You’ll find a full schedule of events, including a 2h clojure.spec Workshop, keynote on learning by Jay Martin, and talks up & down the stack.

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About the Conference

Clojure Remote will be held February 9th and 10th, 2017 from 2:00 PM UTC – 9:00 pm UTC.

By registering to attend Clojure Remote, you’ll receive live access to the event and online-access to the videos/transcripts/code after the conference.

Admission is $425 until February 1st.

Upcoming Milestones

What’s new?

Like last year, the conference will be held online (we’re thinking Crowdcast again), and videos will be made free to the public.

Unlike last year, we’re ramping up collaboration  and trying on some new ideas.

As of Nov. 28, we have already confirmed 11 sessions, include two workshops, a breakout session and a ton of great, practical talks. As always, from now until the conference in February:

  • CR17 will be scheduled and planned iteratively, and publicly.
  • Traditional talks will still be accepted (with reserved “new speaker” slots), but additional emphasis will be put on soliciting and building rich, interactive sessions
  • Ticket-holders will play an important role in providing feedback and shaping the conference as it develops.

I look forward to working with you to develop Clojure Remote 2017!

-Ryan Neufeld, Homegrown Labs

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Base2 Solutions is the Seattle-based software consultancy that put Clojure on the Boeing 737MAX. Our code flies! 


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