Hello fellow Clojurists, I hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend. I’ve got some rather substantial news I’d like to share with you that might further brighten up your day!

I’ve been mulling over this for a while and I think I’m finally ready to make it official: speakers at CR17 will receive profit sharing of 1%/hr for their session.

Why now?

Sharing knowledge professionally is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, but one that I think is underserved and disincentivized by one mean or another.

If you’ve interacted with me over the years, you know I love a good ‘ole collaborative project (read: Clojure Remote). It was always a dream of mine to do work like that and give back in some substantial fashion.

I believe that thanks and a high-five are great for things like minor PRs and contributions. For kinds of help like speaking and preparing quality professional content, however, I feel a more significant reward is in order.

With Cookbook, the economics weren’t there to make this happen; I’d have been giving away a few dollars here and there, with very little impact.

This year with CR17 I have the unique opportunity to actually pull this off…

By the numbers

With the change in scale/format this year, the economics are finally in place to offer tangible profit sharing.

This year, I’ll be offering speakers & presenters 1% profit sharing per hour of delivered content, in addition to their complimentary ticket and support building their talk.

How does this look by the numbers?

Last year, Clojure Remote grossed about $20k USD. Had it been profit-shared, a 40m talk would have been $133, a 1h session $200, and a 2h workshop $400. OK, but not great.

This year, I’m forecasting profit of about $40-60k. If we fill about 100-150 seats (we did 225 last year), payouts would be:

  • For a 40m talk ~ $250 – $400
  • For a 1h session ~ $400 – $600
  • For a 2h workshop ~ $800 – $1600

Of course, speakers may also promote the project themselves using an affiliate link and receive 10% from every ticket purchased in their name.

All in all, I think there is a tremendous opportunity to give back and build a community of engaged speakers.

My CFP pitch calendar is always open. Read about our CFP, then pick a time to pitch your talk or session.

-Ryan @ Clojure Remote